Soil Penetrometer, measure soil compaction and hardpan

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Measure compaction and hardpan in PSI with this stainless steel soil penetrometer. Features a dual gauge and 2 penetrometer tips so you can measure either 0-500 psi or 0-1000 psi. One of the most important tools a farmer or gardener can own.

Soil Penetrometer, measure soil compaction and hardpan

This soil penetrometer is used to test the compaction levels of the soil. It has a detailed color coded gauge that lets you see the resistance of your soil based on how much pressure is needed to break through the soil. This unit features a dual gauge and 2 penetrometer tips so you can measure either 0-500 psi with the 3/4" tip or 0-1000 psi with the 1/2" tip. Soil resistance should be less than 200 but definitely not more than 400 psi.

The ideal resistance of your top soil should be less than 200psi. You can keep this number in mind and see how far you can push the penetrometer while maintaining less than 200 psi in pressure to push the penetrometer through. If you take a reading of more than 200 psi for your top soil then you may have hard, compacted soil and hardpan which can be a very expensive problem for the farmer in the following ways:

  • Water standing in fields delays planting.
  • Delayed planting is a delayed harvest.
  • May stunt root growth which can reduce yields.
  • Increases fuel costs from trying to break up hard soils.
  • Adds stress on equipment.
  • Poor seed germination.
  • Poor root growth.
  • Less air getting to the roots.

An operator pushes a rod with attached (ASAE standard) cone into the ground .Features a stainless steel rod with depth marks of 3,6,9,12,15 and 18inches. Analog gauge reacts to pressure applied to cone while penetrating soil.

Our soil penetrometer features a hydraulic gauge that is mounted in front of the handles for easy viewing. Plastic handles for comfort & better grip. Depth marks at 3” intervals along 18" stainless steel rod. 1cm2 base cone removable tip. Choose from range: 0-500 psi or 0-1000 psi depending on which penetrometer tip you use.

If you are able to diagnose that you have a compacted soils problem using a penetrometer, then you can take measures to fix the problem by loosening and aerating your soil which will lead to.

  • Easier tillage.
  • Quicker seed emergence.
  • Allows more air to get to the roots.
  • Improved root growth.
  • Reduction in erosion.
  • More uniform stands.
  • Increased microbial activity, essential in providing healthy soils.
  • Detoxifying soil for improved plant health.
  • Improved water movement for reduced fungus problems.
  • Less wear on equipment.
  • Save on fuel.
  • A more mellow loose soil.

This soil penetrometer is one of the most important tools available for determining the the quality of your soils.

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