SolarStorm 880W LED Grow Light System W/UVB

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The SolarStorm 880 is the most powerful LED growing fixture on the market and features 176 5 Watt LEDs. Switchable lighting from vegetative to bloom phase and with built-in UV-B bulbs.

SolarStorm 880W LED Grow Light System W/UVB



  • 176 Super High Flux, US made, 5 Watt LED emitter diodes
  • Built-in 15 Watt UV-B T8 tubes with a separate switch (one on each end)
  • Switchable, optimized color spectrum for both vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth
  • Highly efficient universal voltage power supplies
  • Uniform 90 degree jewel quality glass primary optics, no secondary optics
  • Delivers exact wavelengths of light needed for vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth
  • High photo-synthetic photon flux (PPF) penetrates the canopy and delivers excellent yield results
  • Lush vegetative growth and power savings while in Veg mode
  • Maximum intensity and best yields in Bloom mode
  • Enhances final plant produce quality and boosts potency during finishing phase
  • 40-50% power savings over HID based systems
  • Uniform lighting over a 4' x 4' core coverage area with no wasted light
  • 3 year warranty

The SolarStorm 880 is the most powerful LED grow light available on the market. It combines 176 high power 5 Watt LED emitters for a total nominal power of 880 Watts (176 x 5 Watts). This LED light system has the ability to change the light spectrum from Vegetative to Bloom and also features 2 supplemental built-in UV-B T8 fluorescent bulbs. This allows the user to bombard their plants with an intense and targeted spectrum of light to suit the current needs of their plants.


The Veg mode allows for lush vegetative growth along with power savings and eliminating wasted light. THe bloom mode allows the user to maximize intensity and deliver the best yields. The mode switching feature allows the user to operate the SolarStorm 880 throughout the growing season and not need to buy additional bulbs or grow light systems.


The unique supplemental UV-B mode is essential for developing higher potency harvests and are generally used during the final few weeks or "finishing" phase of the growth cycle. They also help to further increase the light intensity during the later end of the growing season.


Using an LED light system reduces the need for additional growing equipment such as ballasts, fans, cords, and vetilation. They create less heat than HID bulbs and last for much longer. The energy costs are reduced by 40-50% compared with HID growing systems and require no bulb change for all-season growing. 




  • Voltage: 120
  • Rated Wattage: 880
  • Bulbs: 176 Super High Flux, US made, 5 Watt LED emitter diodes
  • Supplemental UV-B Bulbs: T8 fluorescent
  • Core Coverage Area: 4' x 4'

Unit Ship Weight: 40 lbs

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