Solid Cast Iron Sod Tamper 10in x 10in

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This sod tamper features a solid cast iron head for a rugged and solid tamping face. Comes attached to a 42 inch ash straight handle and is great for packing down loose and uneven soil.

Solid Cast Iron Sod Tamper 10" x 10"

This solid cast iron sod tamper has a base size of 10" x 10". If you need to flatten out and pack down soil this is the perfect tool for the job. Lays down soil flatly and securely so you can put down a walkway, a driveway or plant sod.

A great way to even out rough terrain and pack down materials before building on top. With a 42 inch ash straight handle and an 10" by 10" flat head this tool weighs a total of 14 lbs. This also is a great way to lay down sod and make sure it is flat and established.


  • Head Dimensions: 10" x 10"
  • Handle: 42" Ash
  • Solid Cast Iron Head
  • Weight: 14 lbs

Unit Ship Weight: 16 lbs

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