Soul Synthetics Grow-N Vegetation Booster 8-0-0 (1 Gal.)

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This vegetation boosting supplement features synthetic and organic nitrogen and calcium sources that are easily utilized by the plant. It promotes great vegetative growth and can be used at any time to boost plant growth.

Soul Synthetics Grow-N Vegetation Booster 8-0-0 (1 Gal.)




  • Synergistic blend of synthetic and organic nitrogen
  • Enhanced with powerful organic extracts
  • Designed to boost vegetative growth with huge nitrogen level
  • Balanced for improved growth during the vegetative growth stage
  • Ideal for both soil and hydroponic gardening
  • NPK ratio: 8-0-0

This vegetation boosting supplement is designed to promote healthy vegetative growth and lay the foundation for increased harvest yields. It utilizes a harmonious blend of highly soluble synthetic components and features powerful organic extracts along with calcium supplements. Great for use during the vegetative growth stage of plant growth but can be used at any time to boost vegetation.


Soul Synthetics Grow-N is geared toward promoting healthy vegetative growth and building a strong plant capable of producing excellent yields. It can be used with hydroponics and soil based growing and was created to be user friendly with almost any plant. This formula can be used along with other base nutrients as a supplement and the results will be seen throughout the growth cycle.


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