Soul Synthetics Infinity Plant Growth Catalyst (5 Gal.)

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This plant growth catalyst features a complex blend of organic compounds along with macro nutrients to jump start plant growth and improve yields. It prevents micro nutrient deficiencies and is ideal for fast growing, heavily fed plants.

Soul Synthetics Infinity Plant Growth Catalyst (5 Gal.)




  • Complex blend of powerful organic compounds combined with choice plant nutrition
  • Specially formulated to increase plant vigor
  • Prevents micronutrient deficiencies common in fast growing, heavily fed plants
  • Can be used with any nutrient program for increased micronutrient uptake
  • Promotes healthy growth and improved harvest yields
  • Ideal for hydroponics or soil-based growth
  • NPK ratio: 0.5-2.5-1.5

This growth boosting catalyst is designed to promote healthy plant growth by providing micronutrients. These nutrients are ideal for heavily fed, fast growing plants that often face micronutrient deficiencies. It can be used with any nutrient program already in place and helps to improve the size and quality of harvests. This complex blend of organic compounds is combined with excellent plant nutrients which acts as a growing catalyst. It is great for use with hydroponics, soil-based growing, and soilless growing media.


Derived from:


  • soy protein
  • kelp
  • agave
  • yucca
  • molasses
  • pure sugar cane
  • magnesium amino acid chelate
  • calcium amino acid chelate
  • iron amino acid chelate
  • bamboo extract
  • green tea extract
  • grape seed extract
  • humic acid derived from leonardite

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