Spear Head Spade with D-Grip Fiberglass Handle

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This spade features a spear-shaped blade that is ideal for slicing into tough soil and cutting through roots. It comes with a D-grip fiberglass handle.

Spear Head Spade with D-Grip Fiberglass Handle


  • 31” fiberglass handle with D-Grip
  • 10.75” blade
  • Overall length of 41.5"
  • Spear head design for penetrating tough soil and cutting roots
  • Cushion grip halfway down handle
  • D-grip on the end of the handle provides excellent control and leverage

This unique spade features a tapered spear-shaped blade that is ideal for penetrating deep into soil with minimal effort. The heavily tapered edge easily slices through roots and packed soil and is propelled by forward turn steps. These steps are designed to be large and angled in line with the blade, increasing penetration ability and ease of use.

It also features a long 31” handle with a D-grip, which is made from lightweight and practically indestructible fiberglass. This handle will never rot or corrode and doesn't conduct electricity. This spade is ideal for breaking new soil and uprooting stubborn, fibrous plants.

Unit Ship Weight: 3.5 lbs



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