Spinning Post Water Hose Guide

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The easy-mow functional hose guides feature a socket that installs into the ground where the hose guide can be quickly inserted or removed based on mowing needs. Made from dark green poly.

Spinning Post Water Hose Guide

These incredibly simple and effective hose guides protect your garden from a dragging hose and look great in the process. This 8 inch hose guide is colored dark green to blend in with your garden and lawn. Easily removed by simply pulling the guide out of the socket! The socket is set into the soil until it is flush with the ground level.

Then simply drop in the green poly hose guides and your garden is protected. When it is time to mow or trim around your garden simply pull the guide out of the socket and safely mow the area without damaging the mower or guides. An easy way to protect your garden while not giving up the ability to mow.

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