Spunbond 3 oz Landscape And Weed Fabric - 8ft x 300ft

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The professional’s choice for landscape and geotextile projects. A commercial grade 3 oz landscape fabric with high puncture resistance. Use for separation, drainage, and weed control.

Spunbond 3 oz Landscape Fabric - 8’ x 300’


(266.67 square yards)

Use Spunbond fabric:

  • For weed control,
  • Behind retaining walls for separation and drainage,
  • Under wooden decks or mulch beds
  • Under patios or walkways for weed control and separation.

The professional’s choice for landscape and geotextile projects, Spunbond polyester geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbonds are the favorite among professional landscapers due to their strength and versatility.

The Spunbond 3 oz is a superior quality, Spunbond geotextile. The fabric is formed by thermally bonding 100% polyester filament fibers. No chemical binders or additives are used. This fabric possesses excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage.

Polyester is non-biodegradable and offers superior UV resistance.

Unit Ship Weight: 62 lbs

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