SRM Black Plastic Mulching Film Embossed (4ft x 600ft)

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Black plastic mulch is ideal for preventing weed growth close to plants, it helps to retain soil moisture and also keeps soil warm. It is easy to install and helps to enhance growth, yields and quality of crops.

SRM Black Plastic Mulching Film Embossed (4’ x 600’)



  • SRM stands for Selective Reflecting Mulch
  • Improves yields by modifying the micro-climate around plants, enhancing growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops
  • Prevents weeds from growing nearby plants
  • Soil warming of 3 to 5 degrees F down to 6 inches below the surface
  • Reduces soil moisture evaporation
  • Easy to install film is flexible and stretchable
  • Conforms to uneven plant beds, rows and raised beds
  • Easy field removal
  • Economically priced for large scale production
This 1.0 mil black plastic mulch not only suppresses weeds and retains moisture but it also keeps soil temperatures higher. Black mulch has been shown to increase the growth and yields of crops as it removes weeds from the immediate area and preserves all soil nutrients for the crops to use. This type of mulching material has been used for decades and has been proven to almost eliminate weeds, retain moisture and keep plants warmer which extends the growing season.
Strawberry plants were also shown to produce larger berries when grown with this mulch. Field tests at the Agricultural Research Service in Florence, South Carolina have indicated that red plastic mulch suppresses root-knot nematode damage in tomatoes.

Crops that are suited for SRM Black: 

  • Vegetables --Warm season and cool season transplant crops and for direct seeded crops that are seeded in hills (e.g. cucumbers and squash)
  • Small fruits -- Strawberries in annual hill system
  • Cut flowers

Unit Ship Weight: 12 lbs

Installation Tips:

  • Prepare soil well so that it is smooth and friable
  • Do not lay plastic on dry soil
  • Plastic should be in close contact with the soil for maximum heat transfer into the soil
  • Be sure the edges of the plastic are well secured with soil
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