SRW Stretch Wrap Elastic Plastic Film 70 GA (18in x 1500ft)

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Stretch Wrap is a highly elastic, clear plastic film that can be used to wrap packages, merchandise and practically anything else for storage or transport. It is tear resistant and clings to itself extremely well.

SRW Stretch Wrap Elastic Plastic Film 70 GA (18” x 1500’)


Comes in cases of 4 rolls, totaling 6,000 feet of 18” Stretch Wrap.




  • Very economical way to keep loads secured
  • Made from highly elastic plastic film
  • Tear resistant
  • Superior stretch ability with excellent cling characteristic
  • Provides an efficient way to handle and store packages, merchandise, and valuables
  • Improves the stability of products or packages in transit or in storage
  • Provides modest protection from dust, moisture and pilfering
  • Ideal for wrapping pavers, retaining wall blocks, and natural stone

Stretch wrap is a clear, highly elastic plastic film that provides a secure wrap for products, packages, stored items, and items in transit. This highly elastic film is easy to wrap around oddly shaped items and clings to itself as it is wrapped around and around. By wrapping packages and merchandise in this clear, stretchable film they are protected from a good amount of dust, moisture, and pilfering.


Stretch Wrap is tear resistant and can be used to wrap almost anything including pavers, retaining wall blocks, natural stone, boxes, crates, and much more. It helps to stabilize items during transport and protects them during storage, ideal for businesses and individuals.




  • Size of each roll: 18” x 1500’
  • Gauge: 70
  • Amount per case: 4 Rolls
  • Total square footage included: 9,000

Unit Ship Weight: 33 lbs

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