Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 9/16" to 1 and 1/16"

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These metal hose clamps keep your hose onto the fitting and provide a water tight seal. These clamps easily adjust with a screwdriver and let you choose just how tight you want it.

Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 9/16" to 1 and 1/16"

  • Expands from 9/16" to 1 and 1/16"
  • Adjusts with a flathead screwdriver

This adjustable metal hose clamp fits securely onto your Soaker hose barb connectors and is perfect for producing water tight fits. Secures barbed 1/2" fittings to soaker hose. Use one clamp for each barbed end (i.e. 2 for a coupler and 3 for a tee).

Can be easily tightened or loosened with a screwdriver so you get exactly the fit you need. This metal hose clamp ensures that your hose and fitting will not come apart and will not leak.

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