SubCulture M Fungi Root Inoculant (200g Pouch)

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This fungi root inoculant provides beneficial microbes to plants. These microbes create symbiotic relationships with plant roots and help plants to absorb nutrients from the growing media. Great for use with the Subculture B Inoculant.

SubCulture M Fungi Root Inoculant (200g Pouch)




  • Selected microbes are cultured to live in high salt environments
  • Biologically aids nutrient absorption
  • Pro-biotic inoculant of beneficial microorganisms
  • Helps to increase the vitality and yields of all plants
  • Proprietary blend of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi
  • Beneficial microbes colonize the root zone and growing media to form a symbiotic relationship with plants
  • Root systems increase and nutrient absorption is improved
  • Creates bigger, healthier plants in a natural way

This Fungi root inoculant boosts the biological health of the root zone. These beneficial microbes create a symbiotic relationship with plant roots and help to facilitate the transfer of nutrients from the soil to the roots.


It helps to create bigger, healthier plants and increased root systems. It can be used with any growing media as well as hydroponic operations. These selected microbes are great for use with the Subculture B bacterial root inoculant. 


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