Sun Selector Clear IR AD Greenhouse Film, 4 year 6mil, per sq.ft

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CHOOSE CUSTOM SIZE, PRICED PER SQ.FT. Features an IR additive, Anti-Drip (AD) to reduce mold, UVA and dust protection. Features 88% light transmission & 25% light diffusion. Minimum size 500 sq.ft


Sun Selector Clear IR AD Greenhouse Film, 4 year 6mil (per sq.ft)


  • Custom cut film to any length (500 square foot minimum)
  • 88% light transmission, 25% light diffusion, 80% thermicity
  • 5-Layer low density polyethylene construction
  • UVA stablized
  • Anti-Dust protection
  • Anti-Drip (anti-condensation)
  • IR - Infrared protection
  • 4 Year Warranty

Sun Selector greenhouse film is one of the best quality greenhouse plastics available.  With UVA stabilization and anti-dust properties, it is long-lasting and ideal for covering greenhouses and row tunnels. The Sun Selector polyethylene (LDPE) photoselective greenhouse films features the worlds only 5-Layer technology which means that 5 different layers have been added to each roll with each layer serving its own function.

The IR protection helps to keep your greenhouse from overheating during the day, and from cooling at night, creating a more constant interal temperature.

The anti-drip additive prevents condensation build up on the plastic which can lead to mold, fungus, insect infestations and light distortion. The anti-drip, along with the light diffusion additive helps to prevent shadowing and promotes uniform light diffusion in your greenhouse.

The sun selector films combine agronomic research and over 25 years of industry experience to provide growers world-wide with films that are both technically unique and economically viable. Multi-layer technology with selected additives, provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission

Note: Installation against bare PVC pipe can result in a mild reaction that can weaken any poly film over time. Please paint, wrap, or otherwise cover bare PVC to eliminate this problem.

Note: This is a custom cut item made to your individual specifications. Please allow an average of 5-7 business days before shipping. It cannot be returned or refunded once the item has been shipped out.

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