Sun Selector Overwinter PLUS Greenhouse Film 4 mil 70% White (Per sq.ft)

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Protects plants from harsh winter conditions. Offered in widths 14' to 48'. UV Stabilized. Minimum order qty 400 sq.ft

Sun Selector Overwinter PLUS Greenhouse Film 4 mil 70% White



  • Custom cut, priced per square foot*
  • 4 mil thick
  • As strong as many 5 or 6 mil films on the market
  • Designed for single season use
  • Only allows 30% of light to pass through helping to maintain a constant temperature
  • Eliminates melting out during the day and freezing again at night
  • Protects plants from wind, snow, ice, and rapid temperature fluctuations
  • Available in widths from 14’ to 48’
  • Ideal for protecting sensitive plants from harsh winter conditions and late fall / early spring frost

Heavy snow, ice, hail, high winds and freezing conditions can damage or destroy many plants and cost the user huge replacement fees. Overwinter Plus film is designed for use during the winter season. Its improved flexibility allows it to hold extra snow and ice and resist harsh wind conditions. This overwinter film is clear to let in more light to warm plants during the day and maintain a higher average temperature throughout the winter months.

Unit ship weight .03 lbs/sq ft


*Note: This product is custom made, and cannot be returned or refunded. Please allow an average of 3-5 days before shipping.

  1. For Greenhouses with spans of up to 24 feet use a film with a width of the span + 3 feet
  2. For 26 feet and wider spans use a film with width of the span + 5 feet.
  3. For tunnels - use a film with an additional width of 5 feet.
  4. The length of the film should be at least 16 feet longer than the greenhouse or tunnel.
  5. For curtains - calculate the width leaving an additional 20"-28" for attachment. The film length should run the full length of the greenhouse.



  • Thickness: 100 microns 
  • Elongation at Break: 750%

  • Tear Resistance: 11,000 GR./mm

  • Falling Dart Drop Impact: 800 GR.

  • Light Transmission in PAR: 30%

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