Sun Selector Plus Black Film, Multi Season, 3 mil (per sq.ft)

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This Cover Plus Film is black and designed for multiple privacy and light blocking applications. It is economical and great for light blocking and other growing applications. UV Stabilized for multiple seasons. Minimum order qty 400 sq.ft.

Sun Selector Plus Black Film, Multi Season, 3 mil (per sq.ft)



  • UV stabilized
  • For use in weed control applications
  • Blocks all light
  • Waterproof
  • Provides privacy for growing systems
  • As strong as many other 4 or 5 mil films on the market

This film is lightweight, strong offers complete light blockage. This allows it to perform multiple unique tasks that regular film cannot. These applications include weed control, greenhouse black-out, indoor growing tents, overwinter plant protection, and added growing privacy.


This film is 75 microns thick and is economically priced for use by smaller beginner gardeners and larger organizations as well. This film is lightweight and econimcally priced for use by large and small growers. This cuts all light away from weeds and can also be used as a warehousing area covering or providing shade for plants or people.  


Note: This is a custom cut item. It cannot be returned or refunded once the item has been shipped out. Please allow an average of 5.-7 days before shipping.



  • Structure covering such as warehouse storage areas 
  • Used as a float bed liner 
  • Darkening and shading effects during certain periods for prolonging dormancy and promoting flowering 
  • Weed barrier for orchard plantings and row crops
  • Greenhouse black outs and growing/storage privacy 
  • Overwinter protection

Unit ship weight: 0.03 lbs/sq.ft


Measuring Your Greenhouse:

  • For Greenhouses with spans of up to 24 feet use a film with a width of the span + 3 feet
  • For 26 feet and wider spans use a film with width of the span + 5 feet.
  • For tunnels - use a film with an additional width of 5 feet.
  • The length of the film should be at least 16 feet longer than the greenhouse or tunnel.
  • For curtains - calculate the width leaving an additional 20"-28" for attachment. The film length should run the full length of the greenhouse.


  • Thickness: 75 microns 
  • Elongation at Break: 600%
  • Tear Resistance: 9,000 GR./mm
  • Falling Dart Drop Impact: 600 GR.
  • Light Transmission in PAR: 0%
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