Sun Selector UVA Clear Greenhouse Film, 4 year 6mil (per sq.ft)

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CHOOSE CUSTOM LENGTH, PRICED PER SQ.FT. Sun Selector Clear greenhouse film features UVA and dust protection, 90% light transmission and 20% light diffusion. Minimum size 500 sq.ft

Sun Selector UV Clear Greenhouse Film, 4 year, 6mil (Per sq.ft)


  • Custom cut film to any length
  • Minimum of 500 square feet (length x width)
  • 5-Layer technology for strength and versatility
  • 90 % light transmission, 20% light diffusion.
  • UVA protection ensures long life.
  • Anti-Dust protection
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Available in a double layer known as a tube which is folded over, attached at the edge and inflated. Please contact us for more details.

The Sun Selector Clear greenhouse film is one of the best quality greenhouse plastics available.  It features UVA protection (to make it last 4 years) and Anti-Dust protection.

Sun Selector clear film is a highly advanced, long-lasting multi-layer photoselective filim. It is ideal for use in greenhouse and tunnel covering applications. Sun Selector polyethylene (LDPE) greenhouse films feature the worlds only 5-Layer technology.


The sun selector films combine high level agronomic research with over 25 years of professional plastics know-how to provide growers world-wide films that are both technically unique and economically viable. Multi-layer technology with selected additives, provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission.

Superior 5 Layer Technology

Sun Selector uses multi-layering technology to create film composed of 5 layers, which allows for the separating or compartmentalization of different resins and additives, creating a film superior to 1 or 3 layer products on the market.  Our plastic’s unique properties include light diffusion, stabilization against UV breakdown, blocking of ultra violet radiation, anti drip, anti mist and more.

Sun Selector film’s complex chemical additives, and base resins made up of EVA, linear low density polyethylene, metallocene resins and barrier resins make this greenhouse plastic among the highest quality in the world.



Fitting Sun Selector Films

  1. For Greenhouses with spans of up to 24 feet use a film with a width of the span + 3 feet
  2. For 26 feet and wider spans use a film with width of the span + 5 feet.
  3. For tunnels - use a film with an additional width of 5 feet.
  4. The length of the film shoud be at least 2 feet longer than the greenhouse or tunnel to allow for installation.
  5. For curtains - calculate the width leaving an additional 20"-28" for attachment. The film length should run the full length of the greenhouse.

Note: Installation against bare PVC pipe can result in a mild reaction that can weaken any poly film over time. Please paint, wrap, or otherwise cover bare PVC to eliminate this problem.

This product is custom made to your exact specifications, please allow an average of 5-7 business days before shipping. This custom cut item cannot be returned or refunded once the item has shipped.


Unit ship weight: 0.04lbs/sq.ft




Test method





ASTM D-882


Tensile strength at break








Elongation at break







ASTM D1922


Tear resistance







ASTM D-1709


Falling dart drop impact



Light transmission in PAR



Diffused light tra .in PAR

95 / 350



55 % Thermicity
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