Sweet & Heavy Grow 3-1-4 (1 Gal.)

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Sweet & Heavy Grow is designed to promote lush vegetative and structural growth. It should be used together with Sweet & Heavy Prime, Bloom and Finis for a complete feeding routine. NPK ratio of 3-1-4.

Sweet & Heavy Grow 3-1-4 (1 Gal.)


  • Designed to promote vigorous vegetative and structural plant growth
  • Great for the growth cycle of plants before blooming and after germination
  • Provides a boost in nitrogen and potassium for lush vegetative growth
  • Part of the Sweet & Heavy growing routine (Prime, Grow, Bloom and Finis)
  • The recommended choice for professional and serious hobbyists who desire precision applications and customized feeding solutions
  • Natural molasses, kelp, bat and fossilized guano based liquid routine
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of plant requirements and growing environments
  • For outdoor and indoor plants and for use with soil and hydroponics

This growing liquid is for promoting the vegetative and structural growth of plants. It is to be used with the Sweet & Heavy formulas to create a full growing routine. The Grow formula features a boost of nitrogen and potassium for excellent vegetative growth. It promotes stronger structures in plants and works great with the other parts of the growing routine (Prime, Grow, Bloom, Finis). Great for indoor and outdoor plants and can be used with soil based operations as well as hydroponic growing.

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