Post-Popper Post Puller - For Removing Posts

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This unique tool is perfectly designed to remove posts, trees, sign posts and many others by using leverage and downforce to pull the post straight out of the ground. Made from 1.5" square steel tubing.

Post-Popper Post Puller


  • Height: 39"
  • 1.5" Square Steel Tubing Construction
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Uses Leverage
  • Made in the USA

The Post-Popper is the perfect solution to all of those posts that are stuck fast in the ground. This ingenious device manually removes posts by applying a huge amount of leverage and pulling the post straight up out of the ground. Instead of trying to pull the post out of the ground with your hands in an upward motion this lets you use your own weight and downward force to lift the post out.

Great for gardeners, highway crews, sign contractors, ranchers, municipalities, US Military, landscapers, construction crews, National and State parks, mining companies, gardeners, tent leasing companies, etc. This is a simple and effective way to grab and remove t-posts, sign posts and many others. Made of heavy duty 1.5" square steel tubing.

Unit Ship Weight: 23 lbs

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