T5 Grow Light Fixture for the Jump Start Grow System 4ft

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This fluorescent light fixture utilizes high output T5 growing bulbs and is great when used with the Jump Start Growing System. Features a highly reflective wing.

T5 Grow Light Fixture for the Jump Start Grow System 4’


  • Faster growth with the high output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb
  • Cool running design allows for closer light positioning to plants
  • Included T5 bulb is more than twice as efficient as ordinary grow lights
  • 20% more light intensity than comparable fluorescent grow lights
  • Maximizes germination success
  • Great for use with seedlings, cuttings, veggies, flowers, herbs, greens and more

This high output grow light is 4’ long and produces light over twice as efficiently as ordinary grow lights. When germinating seeds the fixture can be kept just inches away from the seeds and after sprouting should be kept 3-6” away from the plant canopy.

When used with the Jump Start growing system this light becomes even more effective as it can be slowly raised to keep up with plant growth. The interior is highly reflective and maximizes the light intensity directed at plants.


Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 53.3L x 3.8W x 2.3H
Rated Wattage: 54
Bulb(s) Included?: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Base Type: T5
CRI: 82.0
Voltage: 120
Frequency: 60Hz

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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