Telescoping Fruit Picker 10ft Aluminum Handle

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This fruit picker has a telescoping aluminum handle that extends up to 10 feet. With a large, padded catch basket and poly covered tines for gentle fruit picking.

Telescoping Fruit Picker 10' Aluminum Handle

This fruit harvester is like an extension of your hand, picking fruit 10 feet higher than before. Consists of two 5' poles that telescope inside each other so you can use this tool at 5 or 10 feet long. With a large capacity basket on the top with a padded bottom to gently catch the fruit you pick.

The picking tines are coated in a smooth poly material which is less damaging to fruit. Made to be lightweight, under 2.5 lbs, for comfortable all day use. There is no substitute for this convenient tool when you can't reach fruit at the tops of trees.


  • Telescoping aluminum handle: 10 ft
  • Padded catch basket
  • Poly covered picking tines
  • Lightweight design

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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