Tenax Aquaculture Oyster Bags, 11mm, 11.7ft x 3.33ft (Pack of 100)

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Tenax square mesh oyster bags are perfect for oyster farmers. Available in in two sizes 11mm and 16mm. The larger(16mm) mesh, is recommended for use at the time of final harvest and promotes good water flow and optimizes growth.

Tenax Aquaculture Oyster Bags, 11mm, 11.7ft x 3.33ft (Pack of 100)


  • Black Plastic Mesh Bags Measure 1.7 ft. x 3.33 ft
  • Non-Toxic
  • Chemical Resistant
  • 2 Sizes of Mesh
  • Protect Oysters from Predators and Washout
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Allow Water Flow Around Oysters

The Tenax Oyster Bags are the perfect option if you are planning on growing oysters. They come in 2 different mesh sizes (11mm and 16 mm). The smaller bags are an ideal size when your oysters are just starting out while the larger sized mesh is great for harvest time since it promotes water flow and will lead to optimal growth for your oysters. The bags are large enough to hold many delicious oysters and will help you to maximize both growth and profits.

One thing that you will love about these nets is the high quality and durability. These nets won’t ever rot, rust or corrode. Plus they are non-toxic which is important when cultivating food products. They are strong enough to protect your growing oysters from predators and washout. Since these nets will be used under water it is important to have a high quality net that can withstand the situation. These Tenax Oyster Bags are a great choice.

You will find that these bags are also chemical resistant and UV treated. They are made from a black plastic mesh that is strong and durable. The bags are square and measure 1.7 feet by 3.33 feet. These plastic mesh bags are often a lot easier to use than other oyster growing options and more cost effective. When you use mesh bags they can easily move with the ocean and allow for great water circulation and even oyster growth.

If you need an affordable and effective way to grow your oysters, pick up these Tenax Oyster Bags. They are very high quality, durable and will work great.

Unit ship weight: 220 lbs

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