Tenax C-Flex Standard Poly Deer Fence, Black (7.5ft x 330ft)

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Virtually invisible and made from corrosion proof materials. This deer fence is carbon black with added UV protection. Mesh size 1.77" x 1.96", breaking point of 600-650 lbs.

Tenax C-Flex Standard Poly Deer Fence, Black (7.5ft x 330ft)

Durable, strong and cost effective way to protect valuable crops, trees and property


  • UV stabilized fence resists degrading and retains its strength
  • Superior tensile strength of 600-650 lbs/ft breaking load
  • Great for repelling deer and other wildlife
  • Unique extrusion manufacturing method creates sleek, rounded mesh that offers longevity, tear resistance and outstanding performance
  • Mesh size is 1.77" x 1.96"

This lightweight yet rugged deer netting is a great alternative to wire or electric fences. Made from heavy duty polypropylene mesh that is virtually invisible when installed but that still keeps wildlife where you want them. The material is made with special UV inhibitors which prevent it from degrading due to sunlight.

The mesh is 1.77" x 1.96", which is perfect for not just deer control but other netting applications such as poultry fencing. This fencing is often used to protect small fruit trees and gardens as well as property lines. It is versatile and easy to install, creating a barrier to deer and other small animals.

With a large mesh, this fence has a variety of uses, guaranteeing optimal visibility and allowing airflow. This specially stretched, wide meshed fencing mimics the texture of cloth or welded wire, with knots at four corners of the squares. This poly fencing is perfect to protect the perimeter of your home and landscaping or as sport fencing.

Once installed, C-flex is virtually invisible against your landscaping. Popular with both landscapers and professional installers, the C-Flex can be used to enclose the perimeter of your property or smaller areas such as gardens.


  • Mesh Size (inches): 1.77 x 1.96
  • Breaking strength approx 600-650lbs per sq.ft.
  • Lasts 15-20 years under normal conditions
  • Square Mesh
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Fence Size: 7.5 ft x 330 ft
  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Color: Black
  • 1 Year warranty

Unit Ship Weight: 49 lbs (shipping weight equivalent to 69 lbs)

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