Tenax Cintoflex-D Poultry Fencing and Caging (15ft x 330ft)

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Cintoflex D is a high quality poultry netting that you can use to create caging and runs or to secure pens for your poultry. Mesh size of 0.82” x 1.33” and a breaking point of 550 lbs.

Tenax Cintoflex-D Poultry Fencing and Caging (15ft x 330ft)




  • High Quality Strong Poultry Netting
  • Mesh Size 0.82” x 1.33”
  • Great for Creating Fences, Pens and Caging
  • Won’t Rust, Rot or Corrode
  • Made from Black High Density Polypropylene
  • UV Stabilized
  • Withstands Hot and Cold Temperatures
  • Breaking Point of 550 Pounds per Square Foot
  • No Rough or Sharp Edges will Keep Your Poultry Safe
  • Easy to Install
  • Requires Fewer Fence Posts than Other Fencing Options

Cintoflex D is a high quality poultry netting that you can use to create caging, runs and to secure pens for your chickens and other birds. It is a wonderful alternative to chicken wire or galvanized poultry fencing. Since it is lightweight and flexible it is easier to install than many other fencing types. Plus this fencing doesn’t have rough or sharp edges which means that your livestock will be much safer and won’t run the risk of injury. We love that this fencing will not ever rust, rot or corrode. It is a high quality and long lasting choice that will work great for many uses around your farm and garden.


This fence is constructed with a superior tecnhique resulting in rounded strands. These strands are stronger and hold up to environmental stresses better than the "flat" or "square" strands found in many other fences. Improved strength and resistance to drop tests means that this deer and poultry fence holds up better to inquisitive animals and impacts. 


This fencing is made from a UV stabilized high density black polypropylene. It will hold up to hot and cold weather without problems and will also withstand common hazards found around poultry like acids. This netting is manufactured using a unique process that allows it to posses strength commonly only found in metal fencing. Cintoflex D has a mesh size of 0.82” x 1.33”measures with a breaking point of 550 pounds per square foot.


We love that this fencing is easy to install. One reason that installation is so simple is that Cintoflex D is very lightweight. You will also find that fewer supports will be required to hold up this fence. Rolls are available in many widths so you won’t have any trouble finding one that is the right width for your particular fencing needs.   If you are looking for a high quality and durable poultry fencing option this is a great choice.


Unit ship weight: 87 lbs

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