Terms and Conditions

Ordering from Agriculture Solutions LLC.


Our website enables you to order 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. On average, we ship in-stock items within 2-3 business days of receiving your order. In the busy seasons, from March-May and September-October, orders may be delayed by a few additional days, in such case, we would let you know. To order by telephone our official opening hours are from 9am-5pm ET, mon-fri. It is quite possible you may catch us after that and even at weekends if we are around. We look forward to your call. We also reserve the right to upgrade your shipping method depending on packaging considerations.


Back Orders.


If some items on your order are temporarily out-of-stock, we may hold your order for up to 5 working days until the missing item(s) becomes available. If you cannot wait at all, please tell us so in the Comments field. In the event we experience a longer delay, we will contact you with the expected delivery date at which time you have the option to contact us and cancel the back-ordered item.




 If any item proves unsatisfactory within 30 days of the date of purchase, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping and subject to the merchandise being in resalable condition and in its original packaging. Please contact us for a return authorization number and instructions. We also require that you send the product back to us securely wrapped, freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage. For defective products still under manufacturer's warranty, please contact us as we may request you to ship the item directly back to the manufacturer.


Important Sales Tax Information.


We collect 5% sales tax for residence in the state of Maine. We also collect a 7.25% sales tax recovery fee (recorded under "Tax Total") for customers in the state of California. This is to help cover the sales tax that we must pay for orders shipped within this state.


Important Disclaimer.


Buyers assume all responsibility for use, storage, handling and disposal of products when not in accordance with the directions on any of our product labels.


Pest control recommendations.


Agriculture Solutions LLC is not licensed to provide pest control recommendations. Consequently, no recommendation concerning the use of pesticides is made on any orders, whatsoever. Please read the directions and descriptions on our products to find out if products are right for your purpose.

Organic Status of Our Products.

To us, an organic fertilizer is one that comes from plants, animals and mined minerals and not a bizarre synthetic compound made in the laboratory. 


An organic plant fertilizer could be seaweed, alfalfa meal, corn gluten meal, cottonseed meal or Green manures. Organic Animal fertilizers are products like blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, and composted chicken manure. An organic mined mineral that is ideal for fertilizers would be limestone, soft rock phosphate and gypsum. Any combination of organic fertilizer will feed soil organisms who produce living cover crops turned into the soil. An orgaic animal fertilizer could be plant food in a plant available form. 


We do not assure the conformity of any of the fertilizers we sell on this website to the organic standards of any certifying agencies. Nonetheless, all fertilizers featured are, to the best of our knowledge, "organic" (unless otherwise noted) as defined by the state of California as of January 2002. We do also have products which are OMRI listed and/or that meet the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), as of January 2002. 

Receipt of Truck Orders & FedEx.

On truck shipments, do not sign for your order until you have confirmed an identical count of boxes, bags, rolls, bundles and pails and have checked very carefully for apparent and/or concealed damage. We will not accept any responsibility for missing and/or damaged items unless you note a count discrepancy and/or identify damage on the bill of lading at the time of delivery! On FedEx shipments, if there is noticeable damage upon receipt of your order and you are signing for it, be sure to note the damage with the driver. If FedEx has left the package at your house or you later find concealed damage in your package, we may still file a claim with them. Please call us immediately upon receipt of your shipment if there are any problems.

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