Texas Controller System for up to 16 WaterFarm Units

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This controller uses a float valve to automatically let more solution into all of the systems as the level drops. Comes with everything needed to attach into a system of WaterFarms.

Texas Controller System for up to 16 WaterFarm Units


  • Container with a float valve is connected to the line of units
  • Master reservoir filled with fresh water and nutrient solution sits on top of the controller container
  • As plants draw water from their individual reservoirs this controller unit automatically keeps them topped off
  • Simple, effective, reliable and inexpensive way to control fluid levels in up to 16 WaterFarm units
  • Controller includes:
    • 20 gallon reservoir with grommet fittings
    • Blue 1/2” tubing
    • 20 gallon controller with float valve
    • 15 1/2" barbed tees
    • Two 1/2” elbows
  • Controller dimensions: 2'W x 2'L x 3’6”H

This system consists of an upper reservoir to hold up to 20 gallons of water or nutrient solutions, a lower reservoir which contains a float valve level controller and all of the necessary fittings and tubing. When the water level lowers in individual WaterFarm units the water level automatically opens the float valve.

This allows more nutrient solution into the system bringing the water level back up in all of the units uniformly. This is a simple, efficient, reliable and cost effective way to keep multiple WaterFarm systems topped off without the use of any water pumps.

Unit Ship Weight: 28 lbs

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