The Noodlehead Sprinkler

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Versatile and unique, this sprinkler features 12 moveable bendable noodles that spray where you want them to. Can be moved and put on a stake, a fence, a wood block or countless other places.

The Noodlehead Sprinkler

This versatile sprinkler isn't bound by a single direction or spraying method. The Noodlehead features 12 noodles that can be bent and pointed exactly where you want them. No more wasted water pouring onto the sidewalk and no more spraying water onto your house and windows.

The noodlehead is great for any situation including odd shaped gardens or lawns. Each nozzle has a 3 stream tip that showers anything you point it at. This is the future of sprinkler technology with a stainless steel filter in the base to keep the nozzles spraying freely and cleanly.

This unique sprinkler creates a fountain effect that plants, and kids, love. This sprinkler can be attached to most anything whether its a post, a fence, straight into the ground or a wooden block. Put it where you want it and point it where you need it.


  • 12 Noodles
  • 3 Spray Streams Per Noodle
  • Each Noodle Covers Approximately 28 Square Feet
  • Total Coverage Approximately 336 Square Feet
  • Spray Range: 20' at 45 psi, 30' max at 80 psi
  • Each Noodlehead is Pressure Tested to 125 psi
  • Flow Rate: 222 Gallons Per Hour, 3.7 Gallons Per Minute
  • Attaches To Standard Garden Hose And Underground Irrigation Risers

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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