The Tree Guy Tree Anchor Kit

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Comes with 3 different assemblies giving you enough to completely support and anchor 1 tree. With patented Arrow anchor and with 3/4 inch woven polypropylene guy lines. Adjustable tension/length.

The Tree Guy Tree Anchor Kit

This tree anchor kit comes assembled and ready to install with 3 anchor kit assemblies. The patented Arrow anchor design is made from toughened nylon and is easily driven into the ground with a 1/2" pipe. Easily 'sets' into the ground and is connected to an olive colored 3/4” wide non-stretch woven polypropylene fabric which is 12 feet long.

This lets you reach up higher into your tree and get more control and leverage against the tree whipping in the wind. These guy lines also come with a spring-loaded cam-lock which lets you adjust the length and tension of the lines with a squeeze. This is a quick, simple and extremely strong way to support your tree.


  • Arrow anchor design
  • 3 anchor system for 1 tree
  • 3/4" non-stretch polypropylene lines
  • 12' long lines
  • Olive colored
  • Spring-loaded cam-lock length and tension adjustments

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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