Thermostat for Propagation Mats

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This thermostat for propagation mats and agritape features adjustable temperature control of your warming mat from 40 to 100 degrees F. With an 800 watt maximum capacity for long cables.

Thermostat for Propagation Mats

This thermostat lets you precisely control the temperature of your propagation mat or agritape heaters. With an adjustable temperature control from 40 to 100 degrees F.

This thermostat can control 1 mat at a time and has a maximum capacity of 800 watts. Simple, precise and effective; this thermostat will let you warm the soil to exactly what you need it to be.


  • GFCI Protected
  • 120 volts
  • 22 amps
  • 800 watt maximum capacity
  • 1 plug-in
  • Temperature range: 40 to 100 F
  • Adjustable

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb


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