Toro Brown Drip Tape, 12" Emitter Spacing, 1 GPH, 100'

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The pressure compensating dripline has pre-spaced, flow regulated emitters which provide a constant discharge between 10 and 60 psi. This makes it great for difficult topography and varying pressures.

Toro Brown 12" Emitter Spacing Drip Tape,  Pressure Compensating, 1 GPH, 100'

This drip tape is a built-in pre-spaced emitter tubing with patented, flow regulated emitters which are pressure compensating and provide a constant discharge between 10-60 psi. This compensation makes it ideal for difficult topographical conditions, low and varying water pressures, and long lateral runs.

The dripline is engineered to have a high resistance to plugging and each emitter has a diaphragm, which flushes out particles during start-up, irrigation, and shutdown. This ensures continued reliability and performance no matter what job you're doing.

In addition it has deep turbulent passageways and raised inlets to avoid entry of particles into the emitter. The compensating dripline is highly chemical resistant and is designed to handle most common agricultural fertlizers, chemicals and clorine. The dripline has a diameter of 5/8" and a flow rate of 1 gph at low pressure.

Hose Size Nominal Hose Size
Pressure Rating
ID Inches ID MM's
ID Inches
OD Inches
Wall Inches
5/8" 16 0.615 0.705 0.045 61

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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