Toro Loc-Eze Female Thread Adapter Tee 1/2" Irrigation Fitting

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This female irrigation tubing connector allows you to connect a male threaded hose or pipe to this Female tee fitting at the center of your drip line.

Toro Loc-Eze Female NPT Thread Adapter Tee 1/2" Tubing Irrigation Fitting

This female irrigation tubing connector make it easy to connect your  drip tape to a male NPT (national pipe thread) hose or irrigation fitting. Simply  bring your hose or fitting down to where you want your drip line to begin and then screw this fitting onto the end. You can then continue your drip line in both directions off of this fitting.

National Pipe Thread (NPT) is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used on threaded pipes and fittings.

This fitting also makes it easy to screw in other accessories such as pressure release valves and sprinklers.

The loc-eze fitting is an interior tubing connector which fits snugly inside of  a Toro 5/8" blue stripe hose and other drip lines (such as T-Tape) or a standard 1/2" Poly Irrigation Tubing. It then has an exterior Ring-Loc ring that fastens down for a secure connection.

Once inside you then pull the locking ring into place which grabs the tubing and creates a rugged seal that isn't easily pulled off. Quick and simple to lock these tubing connectors in place and improve your irrigation system.

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