Tree Saver Flexible Staking Kit 8 ft Supports

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This tree saving system includes enough flexible supports and stakes for 10 trees. The flexible lines let the tree sway slightly promoting natural, strong root growth. Gives 3 supports per tree.

Tree Saver Flexible Staking Kit 8 ft Supports

This tree saving kit features 8 ft long elastic supports that let the tree sway more naturally while limiting its movement. This slight movement promotes healthy root growth and makes the tree able to stand on its own sooner than with non-flexible supports. The flexibility of the supports also puts less direct strain on the tree, giving slightly when the wind blows.

All of this makes for a healthier tree and quicker root growth. This kit comes with enough stakes and supports for 10 trees. It includes thirty 8 ft flexible lines which are 3/8" in diameter and thirty 16" stakes. This kit is great for trees 2 to 3 inches in diameter and trees in higher wind areas.


  • Flexible support lines
  • 3/8" lines
  • 8' Long supports
  • 16" stakes
  • 30 lines, 30 stakes- 10 trees worth
  • Promotes healthy root growth

Unit Ship Weight: 22 lbs

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