Treegator 20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring

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The treegator tree watering system features a 20 gallon slow release bag which fits easily around larger trees. Standard drip time is between 5 to 9 hours. Can zip 2 bags together for larger trees.

Treegator 20 Gal. Tree Watering System

The treegator tree watering system is a slow release circular water bag. This slowly leaches water into your soil directly around the tree where it can be easily obtained by the roots. The treegator  releases up to 20 gallons of water for approximately 5 to 9 hours, making frequent watering a thing of the past. It fits up to 3” caliper trees- zip two or three together to water up to 12” caliper trees.

The slow constant watering means your tree can have a consistent source of water and can grow and flourish even on hot, dry days. Perfect for watering evergreens, shade and ornamental trees, as well as fruit trees with higher branches. Golf courses, parks, cities, nurseries, landscapers, DOT’s, resorts and homeowners all love its simple, affordable tree watering technology. Dark green for an attractive and blending look. The treegator also comes with removable PVC emitters help to prevent clogging.


  • Capacity: Single bag holds 20 gallons
  • Can zip 2 bags together for use with larger trees 5" to 8" in diameter.
  • Dimensions: 34" x 6"
  • Watering Period: Approximately 5 to 9 hours
  • Fits trees up to 3 inches in diameter (Unless added to other treegators)
  • 10 gauge UV treated construction
  • Dark green color

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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