Universal Stake Driver

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This stake driver can drive stakes of any kind and is great because it won't splinter wood stakes hammers can. Two handed design steadies the stake as you drive it, and no more pounded thumbs!

Universal Stake Driver

This stake driver can drive wood, metal, pvc, and any other kind of stake you have. This driver is great for wooden stakes because it will not splinter or shatter the top of the stakes like sledge hammers or other striking devices would.

This stake driver lets you use both hands to not only drive in the stake but stabilize it at the same time, ensuring your stake goes in straight and in the exact spot you want it.

A simple and rugged all steel design this stake driver puts an end to pounded thumbs and tipping over stakes. The handles taper in and down to give you maximum driving force.

Unit Ship Weight: 23 lbs

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