Ventomax Automatic Vent Opener Green - Lifts 15 lbs

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The Ventomax automatically opens a vent or window in your greenhouse or cold frame without using any electricity. The temperature sensitive device regulates temperature without any manual input needed.

Ventomax Automatic Vent Opener Green - Lifts 15 lbs




  • Temperature sensitive design reacts to the temperature in the greenhouse or cold frame 
  • Operating cylinder is located inside of the structure to ensure accurate temperature control 
  • Constructed using electro galvanized steel to avoid corrosion and handle up to 15 lbs 
  • Cylinder  temperature range from 62.6F to 77F

  • Attractive green coloring fits in with any growing environment 
  • Features a long 17” opening stroke for great ventilation

The Ventomax is a slender yet powerful, automatic window opener for use in greenhouses and other structures where you need automated opening.


The unique single spring design allows the cylinder to remain inside the greenhouse at all times thus helping to prevent the cylinder temperature from being influenced by outdoor temperatures. Its design also allows this vent opener to be used in spaces that perhaps other openers such as the Univent cannot because of the angle of the cylinder.


The Ventomax is electro galvanized for a high degree of corrosion resistance and also features an attractive green coating ideal for your growing environment or other window structure. The vent opener is great for use with cold frames, greenhouses, growing rooms and much more. The Ventomax features brackets that can be easily attached to metal, wood or plastic structures.




  • Material: Electro Galvanized Steel
  • Opening force: 7 KG
  • Standard closing force (a): 0.5kg
  • Temperature range, opening:  17 – 25c
  • Maximum window opening at (b): 30c
  • Color: Olive green
  1. The weight of thewindow will assist the spring force in the closing and should be added to the given closing force.
  2. Depending on adjustment and load. A high load on the opener gives a higher maximum opening temperature.

Unit Ship Weight: 1.25 lbs


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