Wall Drain Pro

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Easily installs between masonry blocks up to 8 inches in height, simplifying construction by reducing cutting costs, and enhancing the appearance of your finished retaining wall.

Wall Drain Pro®


  • Snaps into 4 in (100mm) drain tile.
  • Easily modify height for use with any size block up to 8 in
  • Dimensions:1.375in x 14.25in x 7.75in
  • 3 color choices, black, tan, and grey
  • Easy installation at ground level
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No need to create hole for the drainage pipe

Wall Drain Pro offers an efficient and visually appealing alternative to circular wall drains. Daylight out your retaining wall drainage without having to make cuts to your masonry or timber blocks. Comes in three colors to complement your materials.

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