WaterFarm Complete Drip Growing System

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The WaterFarm system slowly circulates and drips nutrient solutions around a plant in the growing medium. This automatically waters and feeds the plant.

WaterFarm Complete Drip Growing System


  • Circulating drip system keeps plants watered around the perimeter
  • External pump circulates water up from the bottom of the WaterFarm and drips it around the perimeter from the top
  • Grows small, medium and large plants
  • Aerates water, roots and the growing medium
  • Features a lower reservoir and an upper bucket for the growing medium and plant
  • Built-in liquid level gauge
  • Comes with everything needed to start growing
  • Large water capacity and low water requirements
  • Comes with growing medium

This growing system is designed to automatically water plants while aerating and reusing the water/nutrient solution. Plant a cutting or clone in the growing medium and fill the lower reservoir with a nutrient solution and the WaterFarm system does the rest. The drip ring draws the solution up from the lower reservoir and drips it uniformly around the plant.

This keeps the growing medium moist and allows the plant to use all of the water and nutrients it wants. This system also keeps the roots, nutrients and medium well aerated, promoting healthy plant growth. The WaterFarm system can be used over and over again with the same growing medium, only needing refills on the nutrient solutions.

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