WaterFarm Controller Kit with 8 Farms

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This system includes 8 WaterFarm units, a controller and a reservoir. The controller keeps each unit filled to the optimal level and reduces refills.

WaterFarm Controller Kit with 8 Farms


  • Controller keeps the 8 WaterFarm units topped off with nutrient solution
  • When all units are set at the same level the controller keeps all of the nutrient solutions even
  • Controller greatly reduces the labor and frequency of refilling
  • Provides the user with 1 refill point that will not disturb the plants
  • WaterFarm units come complete with a lower and upper casing, drip ring and necessary tubing and fittings
  • Flexible system can be set up in almost any orientation (as long as they are kept on the same level plane)
  • Provides plants with all the water and nutrient solution they need
  • Aerates solutions for healthier plant growth
  • Provides a high level of automation for any grower

The WaterFarm 8 Pack system provides the user 8 different systems which are kept topped off with nutrient solution by a main controller. This system allows the user to refill nutrient solutions less frequently and not disturb any plants in the process.

Simply refill the main reservoir instead of each WaterFarm unit individually. The Dual Diaphragm air pump drives all 8 of the WaterFarm units and pumps water up from the lower reservoirs into drip rings above each unit.

This action helps to aerate the liquid and provide a gentle dripping motion that closely mimics soft rainfall around the plants. The WaterFarm 8 Pack system allows the user to grow indoors year round and gives more control over the nutrient and moisture intake of each plant.

Note: No growing medium is included with this system.

Unit Ship Weight: 45 lbs

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