Weed Or Brier Hook

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This handy hook is sharpened on the top and bottom and lets you reach in and cut out brier patches and tough weedy plants. With a 45 inch handle that keeps you safely out of harms way.

Weed Or Brier Hook

This weed and brier hook quickly removes weeds and briers with its curved blade that is sharpened on the top and bottom. Slices through tough briers and weeds with ease while keeping you away with its long handle.

With a straight edge blade at the end and a curved blade hook on the side this tool rips through briers and tough weed patches. With a 45" wooden handle which keeps you safely out of the way of the briers. A great tool for removing those pesky weeds and thorny patches.


  • Sharpened Blade And Hook
  • Handle Length: 45"
  • Long Handle Keeps You Safe
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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