Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press

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The Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press is designed to press the juices out of apples, pears, grapes, and other fruits or berries. It features a heavy-duty double ratcheting head and a durable vintage design.

Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press




  • Squeezes almost all available juice from fruits with an excellent amount of leverage
  • Heavy-duty, coated cast iron, double ratcheting head allows the user to press with greater pressure and ease
  • Easy pour bottom spout makes it easy to fill containers straight from the press
  • Food grade enameled steel base & hardwood construction
  • 18 quart cage capacity allows the user to press large volumes of fruit at once
  • Cage measures 14.5” tall by 12.25” diameter
  • Full pressing will yield around 3 gallons of juice
  • Approximate pulp capacity of 50 lbs
  • Even presses hard fruits like apples and pears into cider after using the Roma Apple & Fruit Crusher (WS-05-0201)
  • Includes 10 wooden pressing blocks to squeeze any volume of cider (additional blocks available)
  • Includes 2 wooden semi-discs
  • Legs can be bolted down for additional pressing leverage
  • Heavy-duty design is built for years of use

This cider, juice, and wine press features a vintage style and a heavy-duty construction. It is designed to provide years of reliable use while creating gallons and gallons of cider, fruit juice, or even the makings for wine. This press features a heavy-duty, coated cast iron, double ratcheting head.


This unique design allows the user to slowly add pressure onto the fruit pulp without the need to constantly hold the arm in place. Simply turn this head and pressure is applied down onto the fruit. The cage is made from hard wood and can withstand the forces of the press without allowing the fruit pulp to escape.


As an added bonus, the legs of this press can be bolted down to allow for added pressing leverage. The entire unit is an efficient and fun way to create delicious and minimally processed fruit juices. It requires no electricity or fuel and is a great way to take advantage of naturally occurring fruits and berries.


Unit Ship Weight: 60 lbs

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