Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher

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The Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher is designed to manually crush fruits of almost any kind. It features an easy-to-turn manual handle and stainless steel chute and blades for years of reliable fruit pulverizing.

Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher




  • Easy to turn handle provides excellent leverage to crush large quantities of fruit quickly and easily
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction is great for crushing hard fruit such as apples
  • Stainless steel chute and hardware are easy to clean and will not corrode or foul the taste of food
  • Wooden drum with stainless steel crushing blades
  • Horizontal table mount or vertical wall corner mount options available
  • Includes wood mounting base (10” x 17.5” x 0.8”)
  • Also includes two C-clamps for table mounting
  • A wooden hopper is available for easy loading (WS-05-0301)
  • Crushed fruit and berries can then be pressed using the Weston Cider, Fruit, & Wine Press (WS-05-0101)

The Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher is essential for efficiently pressing apples, pears, peaches, pineapples, and other hard fruits. It crushes and shreds fruits and berries into a pulp that is easily pressed using a cider press. This crusher features an easy-to-turn handle that features 4 grips.


This design allows the user to manually turn the spinning blades that crush and slice the fruit being fed into it. The resulting pulp is deposited out the bottom of the crusher where it can then be pressed or used for some other purpose.


This unit features a stainless steel cute and blades and will not corrode or foul the taste of food being processed in it. The heavy duty design lasts for years and can pulverize fruits and berries of almost any kind.


Unit Ship Weight: 42 lbs

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