Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer

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This portable vacuum sealer is designed to run off from standard 120V power as well as 12V sources such as cars, trucks, or boats. This is ideal for on site sealing the freshest meat possible.

Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer




  • Seals bags up to 11" (28cm) wide
  • Includes a 12V adapter for cars, trucks, and boats that allows you to seal fresh game right on site
  • 110 watt motor (120 V, 60 Hz)
  • Vacuum pump delivers 22.5" HG vacuum strength
  • Up to 50 consecutive seals for high volume sealing applications
  • Digital control panel
  • Seals moist or delicate foods with Pulse Mode
  • Seal bag rolls with Seal-Only Mode
  • Separate accesory port and accessory mode allows for less energy use and prevents seal bar wear when using vacuum canisters (not included)
  • 2mm seal bar
  • Compact and portable design

The Harvest Guard Vacuum Sealer is the ultimate sportsman vacuum sealer. It is designed to be compact, portable, and powerful. It can be powered by a standard 120V adapter or by the included 12V adapter. This allows the user to power the sealer with any 12V battery or vehicle such as a car, truck, or boat. The versatile design allows the user to seal fresh game right on site to ensure the freshest food possible.

The West Harvest Guard is an "out of chamber" sealer and works best with bags containing a textured or embossed interior that are designed for vacuum sealing applications. It can seal bags up to 11" (28cm) wide and removes almost all air. Without air, the food inside doesn't oxidize and is great for long-term freezing or other storage methods.

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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