Weston Mahogany Sausage Casing 2.5in x 20in - 20 ct. (Makes 60 lbs)

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Mahogany sausage casings are more uniform than other options and provide an odorless and flavorless casing for mid-sized sausages. Requires minimal prep time and is stronger than other casings.

Weston Mahogany Sausage Casing 2.5" x 20" - 20 ct. (Makes 60 lbs)



  • Made from edible beef collagen
  • Ideal for making summer sausages
  • Durable and uniform in size so they won’t break easily in the stuffing process
  • Great for dehydrating, smoking, or grilling applications
  • Minimal prep time only requires 1/2 hour of soaking
  • Allows for more evenly smoked sausages
  • Clear, odorless, and flavorless
  • Easy storage requires no salt or refrigeration
  • Vacuum sealed in a zipper bag for maximum freshness and easy storage

These Mahogany sausage casings are designed to create more uniform and larger diameter sausages. They are designed for use after minimal prep time and are odorless and flavorless. The strong design is more uniform in size and strength, making it easier to make summer sausages and to evenly smoke them.


Taste of the meat is not affected and the resulting products can be dehydrated, smoked, or grilled. These mahogany casings hold up better to the sausage making procedure and come in vacuum sealed zipper bags for easy storage.


Note: Cannot be shipped to Canada.


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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