Weston Manual Food Grinder

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The Weston Manual Food Grinder is designed to grind and puree meat, fruit, nuts, and vegetables. It features an easy-turn handle and a clear casing for full visibility of the grinding process.

Weston Manual Food Grinder




  • Grinds up meat, peanuts, apples, tomatoes, and much more
  • Ideal for making burgers, peanut butter, applesauce, pasta and pizza sauce, or salsa
  • Includes fine and coarse stainless steel grinding plates
  • Easy-turn handle
  • Clear casing allows the user to see exactly what is going on inside
  • Sturdy suction cup base makes mounting to any smooth surface easy and secure
  • Includes food pusher for safe and easy use with any size food
  • All plastic components are top rack dishwasher safe

The manual food grinder is a small meat, fruit, and nut grinder that allows the user to create burgers, purees, and sauces. It provides a great way to grind up excess meat, fruits, and nuts into valuable and delicious dishes.


It is ideal for anyone who wants to live off from their own food and process raw ingredients into more versatile variations. The clear design allows the user to see exactly what is happening inside and to view their raw produce turned into a ground up form. The bottom of the grinder features a large suction cup that securely attaches the grinder to any smooth surface.


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