Weston Manual Sausage Stuffer 5 lb Capacity Tinned Finish

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This manual sausage stuffing machine allows the user to create sausages, snack sticks, pepperoni, bratwurst, and luncheon meats. It features an ergonomic handle and a sealed plunger system.

Weston Manual Sausage Stuffer 5 lb Capacity Tinned Finish



  • Ergonomic handle provides greater leverage and easy sausage creation
  • Allows anyone to stuff sausages with ease
  • Rubber gasket prevents meat from leaking around the plunger and the front ring nut
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Mounts easily to any counter, table top, or cutting board
  • Includes: Set of 3 stainless steel funnels
    • 10 mm for snack sticks and small sausages
    • 20 mm for pepperonis and bratwurst
    • 30 mm for summer sausage and luncheon meats

The Weston Manual Sausage Stuffer is designed to give the user complete control of the speed and quantity of meat being injected into sausage casings. It mounts to any counter, table, or cutting board and features an ergonomic handle. This provides a comfortable and highly-leveraged means of pushing ground meat into sausage casings.

The manual stuffer features a 5 lb meat capacity and utilizes a tinned finish to resist corrosion and be easily cleaned. This unit features a sealed plunger design that puts gravity on the side of the user to press meat into casings. The ability to make sausage allows the user to experiment with different recipes and to utilize extra ground meat.


Unit Ship Weight: 24 lbs

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