Weston Stainless Steel Pro Series Vacuum Sealer

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This vacuum sealer is designed to help preserve and store foods such as meat, vegetables or even entire meals. It removes almost all air from food and helps preserve freshness for longer than traditional zipper bags.

Weston Stainless Steel Pro Series Vacuum Sealer



  • Vacuum pump delivers 28” HG vacuum strength
  • Seals bags up to 15” (38.1 cm) wide
  • Fan cooled motor prevents overheating for large-scale sealing operations and for consistent, reliable sealing
  • Ideal for storing foods such as meat, vegetables, or entire meals
  • 935 Watt Motor
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Manual Seal Mode lets you control the amount of vacuum pressure for sealing soft foods, photos, valuables or delicate objects
  • Automatic mode for one-touch vacuum-to-seal operation
  • See-thru acrylic vacuum lid for perfect bag alignment while sealing
  • Detachable power cord with convenient cord storage compartment

This vacuum sealer is designed to preserve food with improved freshness and longevity. The heavy duty vacuum sealing abilities of this device allow the user to suck almost all of the air away from game meat, domestic meat, vegetables, and even entire meals. The food can then be frozen for long-term storage or can be set aside with foods such as jerky or dried fruit and vegetables.


It is especially good for sealing meat that will then be frozen as it will help to limit any kind of freezer burn or degradation over the storage period. This ability to preserve food means that no meat needs to be wasted from hunting or fishing trips and no vegetables need be wasted from a good harvest. This “out of chamber” vacuum sealer uses bags with a textured or embossed lining in order to remove air effectively.


Unit Ship Weight: 25 lbs

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