White Vinyl Batten Tape 0.75in x 500ft Roll (Case of 4 Rolls)

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This flexible, white batten tape is made from vinyl that is specially formulated to resist cracking from cold weather. It is ideal for stapling and holding greenhouse plastic onto wooden frames as well as multiple other batten applications.

White Vinyl Batten Tape ¾” x 500’ Roll (Case of 4 Rolls)




  • Makes attaching plastic film to greenhouses fast and easy
  • Allows the user to staple through the batten tape and film and into wooden frames
  • Holds the plastic in place tightly without any wind whipping
  • Very flexible tape contours easily over hoops or unusual surfaces
  • Easy installation consists of unrolling, holding in place, and stapling in
  • Easily removes staples when it is time to replace film – Pull the batten tape off and the staples come with it
  • ¾” Width x 1/32” Thickness x 500’ Length per roll
  • Resists cold cracking and environmental degradation
  • White color provides a neat, attractive appearance and also reflects light
  • Sold in cases of 4 rolls, totaling 2,000 feet of batten tape

This white vinyl batten tape is designed to securely hold plastic films to wooden frames of greenhouses. It can also be used to cover windows with plastic for the winter and provides a tight hold against winter winds. The batten tape is colored white and is formulated to resist environmental degradation and cold cracking. It allows for easy attachment of greenhouse plastic to a wooden frame.


The batten tape goes over the film and a staple is driven through both the batten tape and the film into the wooden frame. This continuous batten tape strip minimizes any potential for wind whipping and helps to create a tight fit that keeps warmer air inside of the greenhouse. The white color is designed to look neat, attractive and to reflect light to keep greenhouses as bright as possible.


Installation Tips


  • Pull tape taut before stapling
  • Staple at least every 4 inches
  • Use 5/16 inch or longer staples
  • During cold weather, keep the tape in a warm area before use
  • Use a double line of tape where conditions are very windy
  • For a tighter seal, staple every 2 inches

Suggested uses for batten tape:


  • For attaching plastic covers to greenhouses
  • For covering the ends of greenhouses, especially around doors or other openings
  • For attaching temporary covers over cold frames
  • For holding down tarps over construction projects

Unit Ship Weight: 30 lbs

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