White Widow Mycorrhizal Inoculant Root Booster (4 oz)

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This Mycorrhizal Inoculant sustains a healthy and expansive root zone. It contains a huge concentration of beneficial mycological spores that aid the plant in the absorption of water and nutrients. Great for any plant or growing system.

White Widow Mycorrhizal Inoculant Root Booster (4 oz)




  • Sustains a healthy, expansive root zone
  • Contains an extremely high and diverse range of mycological spores
  • No other Mycorrhizal on the market has more propagules per gram
  • Extremely water soluble, super-fine powder
  • Promotes unprecedented root development and nutrient uptake abilities
  • Bacteria free mixture is ideal for hydroponic systems, soil and soil-less growing media
  • Beneficial for any plant to produce amazing root and plant growth
  • Increases the surface area and nutrient absorbing abilities of roots

White Widow is one of the most powerful Mycorrhizal products on the market. It features a high concentration of a diverse range of mycological spores that are beneficial to any plant roots. It comes as super-fine powder that is extremely water soluble and ideal for any growing operation.


The beneficial fungi attach themselves to plant roots, effectively increasing the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients. Root growth and overall plant growth is stimulated as the root zone becomes a healthier place. This versatile mixture is great for use in hydroponics, soils and soil-less growing media and is beneficial to any plant.




  • Composition:
    • Pure Endomycorrhizal Glomus clarum, G.aggregatum, G.intraradices, G.mosseae, G.deserticola, G.etunicatum, Gagaspora margarita, G.brasilianum and G.monosporum
  • Total propagules:
    • 120,000/gram
  • Inert filler materials:
    • 95%
  • Application rates:
    • Hydroponic applications: Use ½ to 1 tsp per gallon of reservoir water. Change nutrient solution weekly to avoid excess sediment.
    • Soil Application: Use ½ to 1 tsp per gallon container during transplanting. For bedding use 5-10 tsp per bag of soil (1.5cu.ft)
    • Use White Widow throughout vegetative cycle and into the first two weeks of bloom

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