Woodchuck Dual Hook Cant with Jack

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The Woodchuck Cant and Jack features a dual-clawed hook and a built-in retractable peavey point. It allows the user to roll, move, and lift logs into position for easy cutting or loading.

Woodchuck Dual Hook Cant with Jack



  • Lightweight, heavy duty aluminum barand jack
  • Clawed Cant hook provides improved log gripping ability
  • Retractable peavey point
  • 48” handle
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
  • Provides leverage for moving, lifting, and rolling logs
  • 53” overall length
  • Jaw opens to about 18” but is capable of holding a log up to 28” in diameter
  • Peavey point is 4” long in its extended position

The Woodchuck Dual Hook Cant with Jack is designed to provide excellent leverage for rolling, moving and lifting logs. This becomes useful when cutting up large, heavy logs that would otherwise require multiple cuts or incomplete cuts due to the close proximity to the ground.


The built-in barand jack allows the user to prop up the log and cut trees up cleanly without hitting the ground. This tool also helps a person to roll a large, heavy log that would otherwise be unmovable. The Woodchuck features 2 claws on the cant hook for better gripping large and small logs.



Unit Ship Weight: 11 lbs

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