Woven Poly Burlap Tarp 10ft x 12ft

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This poly burlap tarp is made from woven polypropylene material and features hemming and grommets around the edges. Ideal for wrapping and transporting plant material while allowing air and moisture to pass easily through.

Woven Poly Burlap Tarp 10’ x 12’


  • Woven polypropylene resists rot and mildew
  • 1.5” reinforced tape around the exterior provides strength and tear resistance
  • #4 grommets every 3’ around the edges provide strong tie-down points
  • Breathable design allows air and moisture to pass through
  • Weighs about 2.75oz per square yard
  • Color varies from white to beige
  • Ideal for supporting and protecting plant material during transport

This woven poly burlap tarp is designed to be a loosely woven material that allows air and moisture to freely pass through. It is constructed from woven polypropylene fibers to provide a rot and mildew resistant tarp.

The tarp features strong 1.5” tape sewn around the edges to provide a strong grabbing point as well as providing a stable grommet material. Rugged #4 brass grommets are installed every 3 feet around the edges and provide rugged tie down points for rope, wire, hooks, string and more.


  • Weight: Approximately 2.75oz per square yard
  • Hemming: 1.5” sewn tape
  • Grommets: #4 brass
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Non-UV stabilized

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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