Zenport 36 inch Forged Vine and Tree Lopper

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This compact lopper features a steel alloy head and bypass style blade. With extruded aluminum handles and cushioned grips at each end. Great for grape vines and small trees.

Zenport 36 inch Forged Vine and Tree Lopper


  • Forged alloy steel head is durable and holds an excellent edge
  • Bypass cutting blade features a curved blade for slicing through tough stems
  • Overall length 36 inches
  • Blue extruded aluminum handles are lightweight and strong
  • Comfort grips provide a non-slip handle for tough cuts
  • Compact tool is great for cutting grape vines, branches and small trees
  • Blade opens up to 2 inches

This tool is designed for cutting large vines, branches and small trees on a large scale. With an overall length of 36 inches it provides excellent leverage and cutting power. The handles are blue extruded aluminum with cushioned grips at the end.

The head and blade are a forged steel alloy designed for large numbers of cuts. The blade is a curved bypass style which is great for multiple cutting purposes such as trimming, pruning and lopping. The entire unit is lightweight and rugged, designed for performing tough cuts.

Unit Ship Weight: 7 lbs

Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies.

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